API Manufacturing Unit Grade CAS No. Documentation Regulatory Approvals
Anti-Histamine / Anti-Cholinergic
Buclizine HCl Unit – I BP, EP 129-74-8 eCTD DMF COFEPRIS, WHO GMP, WC, MHRA, HPRA
Cinnarizine Unit – I EP, BP, IP 298-57-7 eCTD DMF, CEP EDQM, COFEPRIS, WHO GMP, WC, IDL(China), MOH(Russia)
Cyclizine HCl Unit – I EP, BP, USP 82-92-8 eCTD DMF WHO GMP
Cyproheptadine HCl Unit – I EP, BP, USP 41354-29-4 eCTD DMF COFEPRIS, WHO GMP, IDL(China), WC
Meclizine HCl Unit – I EP, BP, USP 31884-77-2 eCTD DMF,JDMF, USDMF, CEP EDQM, PMDA Japan, WHO GMP, WC, COFEPRIS, MEB-Netherland
Flunarizine HCl Unit – I EP, BP 30484-77-6 eCTD DMF, CEP EDQM, COFEPRIS, WHO GMP, WC
Oxatomide IH Unit – I IH 60607-34-3 CTD DMF WHO GMP
Hydroxyzine HCl Unit – I USP, EP 2192-20-3 eCTD DMF GMP
Hydroxyzine Pamoate Unit – I IH 68-88-2 DMF GMP
Ketotifen Fumarate Unit – II EP, BP 34580-14-8 eCTD DMF, CEP (U/R) WHO GMP, WC
Muscle relaxant / Pain Management
Carisoprodol Unit – I EP, USP, IP 78-44-4 CTD DMF, USDMF COFEPRIS, WHO GMP
Etodolac Unit – I EP, BP, USP, IP 41340-25-4 CTD DMF, CEP, USDMF WHO GMP
Pentoxifylline Unit – I EP, USP 06-05-6493 CTD DMF, CEP(U/R) WHO GMP
Cilostazol Unit – I USP 73963-72-1 Tech Pack GMP
Diltiazem HCl Unit – I EP, BP, USP, IP 33286-22-5 eCTD DMF,CEP (U/R) WHO GMP, WC
Chelating agent
Etidronate Disodium Unit – I EP, USP 7414-83-7 CTD DMF CANADIAN AUTHORITY
Loperamide HCl Unit – I EP, BP, USP 34552-83-5 eCTD DMF,CEP WHO GMP, COFEPRIS, MOH(Russia), WC, CEP
Latanoprost Unit – I IH 130209-82-4 DMF : Sep-18 GMP
Bimatoprost Unit – I USP, IH 155206-00-1 eCTD DMF GMP
Misoprostol Unit – I USP, IH 59122-46-2 Tech Pack GMP
Travoprost Unit – I IH 157283-68-6 DMF : Sep-18 GMP
Ocular Hypertension
Tafluprost Unit – I IH 209860-87-7 DMF : Sep-18 GMP
Carboprost Unit – I IH 58551-69-2 DMF : Sep-18 GMP
Treat Wilson’s Disease
D-Penicillamine Unit – II IP, EP, USP 52-67-5 eCTD DMF WHO GMP, WC
Treat Osteoporosis
Ibandronate Sodium Unit – II IH 138926-19-9 eCTD DMF, KDMF KFDA, WHO GMP, WC
Risedronate Sodium (HH/AH) Unit – II EP, BP, USP, IH 115436-72-1 eCTD DMF, KDMF, CEP (U/R) KFDA, WHO GMP, WC
Tolterodine Tartrate Unit – II USP, IP, IH 124937-52-6 eCTD DMF WHO GMP, WC
Trospium Chloride Unit – II EP 10405-02-4 Tech Pack GMP


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